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Junker Jörg:
Whoever knows Thomas the Tank Engine surely is acquainted with these words! I'm in trouble right now as might be about to cease service. Acutally I can't upload any new stuff, let's see how long my pics'll still be available here.

What to do? I once used to upload my pics once for all and implement them from abload into my several threads and posts. Klickywelt (and others) stopped embedding foreign pics years ago, other forums have just vanished over the years. So to me there's no use in using abload as general storage any more. Nontheless I still like to provide you with news from the trains - but how? The restriction to 100k per pic's too low as I don't have the time to shrink all my pics just to present them here. Apart they're losing too much of their quality that way. Would there be any other option to directly embed pics to my posts here?

Ich hab ja jahrelang meine Bilder über abload einmal ins Netz und von dort in mehreren Foren eingestellt. Nun scheint abload dabeizusein, seinen Dienst einzustellen. Neue Bilder können nicht mehr hochgeladen werden. Davon abgesehen hat die Plattform für mich auch ihren Sinn verloren, da einige Foren nicht mehr bestehen, andere wie die Klickywelt keine Fremdeinbindungen mehr zulassen. Was tun, wenn ich hier noch Bilder zeigen mag? Die Begrenzung auf 100k pro Bild hier ist für mich zu eng gesteckt. Da erkennt man kaum mehr was (und ich hab auch ned die Zeit, alle Bilder extra für hier zu schrumpfen und nochmal abzuspeichern). Gibt's eine Möglichkeit, hier größere Bilder einzustellen?


I've had no problem using Imgur.

imgur is good.

What about dropbox or similar? I think you just provide the link so the viewer doesn't have to have dropbox themselves.

Macruran: has been working well for me for a couple of years now

I used to use photobucket, with a subscription. Then they blocked upload of images to forums, so I switched to, which I have used for several years, like Macruran. It is free at the moment. I guess these platforms offer a free service in the hopes you will pay a subscription. But when their servers become full, they curtail the service, I guess. You don't get something for nothing after all!

I always keep my own copies of photos so I can restore them if needed. Home data storage (hard drives, USB drives, etc.) Is relatively cheap and secure.

I also use dropbox (for free), mainly to share files like Excel spreadsheets. I don't think you can display pictures stored in dropbox on this forum (at least not in the free version of dropbox).
Here is an image link to an image on dropbox: nothing showing, right?
Here is the dropbox link as a url:
It would be quite cumbersome to have to open dropbox links for photos, I feel.


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