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Fi?ures heads ordered from UK DS

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Hi all,

Been meaning to post this for a few days but been busy.

These are the Fi?ures heads I managed to order from UK direct service (via email). Note I’m exclusively in the pirates theme so just searched Playmodb and got a list of ones I thought would work for Pirates.

Ordered via email:

30232942 - Klicky head (removable) -
30648753 - Klicky head (removable) - angry -
30648913 - Klicky head (removable) - asian -
30636873 - Klicky head (removable) - Asian moustache Angry -
30641843 - Klicky head (removable) - dark arches -
30629293 - Klicky head (removable) - dark arches stubble -
30238792 - Klicky head (removable) - light tan -
30629273 - Klicky head (removable) - mustache -
30629263 - Klicky head (removable) - Red brown stubble -
30629223 - Klicky head (removable) - stubble -
30629243 - Klicky head (removable) - stubble angry -
30632783 - Klicky head (removable) - tattoo curly -
30248312 - Klicky head (removable) - with slot for earrings -

Fi?ures skeleton:

30232912 - Klicky skeleton (removable) -

These are ones I tried to order but were out of stock:

30632683 - Klicky head (removable) - Asian moustache -
30629213 - Klicky head (removable) - black eye -
30642063 - Klicky head (removable) - eye patch - stubble - with slot for earrings -
30632573 - Klicky head (removable) - Red brown angry -
30632723 - Klicky head (removable) - stubble - reversible smile/frown -
30636953 - Klicky head (removable) - tattoo -

I also ordered some coats and arms (no bodies as ordered some off eBay).

Intention is to have a selection can customise with my son (he’s 4), but will slowly introduce him to it.

That's an excellent selection! Thanks for sharing. :)

No problem.
It was a real shame the classic pirate eye patch ones weren’t available and I’d love the prisoner head (reversible smile/sad face).
Was very surprised by what they had, I just threw them a big list and wasn’t expecting much other than the standard one.  If I had more time I’d have got more ethnic heads, but didn’t get the time to pair legs and heads to make it useful.  In hindsight I should have asked if they could track down the part number of the sleeping face (that has so many story telling opportunities to have more than 1!).

In the end I think I ordered 20+ heads and frames so plenty to play around with.  I was thinking at one point change all the Klickys we have to be Fi?ures style but lack of some heads made that impossible (and with a 4 year old could get even messier than playing with Lego!).

This has made de-twinning some Klickys we have much easier (the pirate theme has a few prime suspects of a pirate style that always re-appears…).

It’s a shame that Playmobil UK lists a lot of things as out of stock, with my work background I’d have looked at some sort of tool to feed it with part numbers to auto check availability based on the message that appears on the page.

Did you only order a small number of each part? When I find something in stock (especially unusual parts), I try to order several. There will always be more figures to customise in the future! :D


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