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I’ve been looking at eBay for some time hoping to find a rerailer for my vintage train set 4020. Missed a couple (😢) but have yet to come across one before someone else nabbed it. I currently have ebay alerts on searches for both railroad and train. The word rerailer isn’t always known to sellers (I’ve also seen them called “putter-onner- is that for real?) 

Hoping for a lead or a tip. Is there a way to DIY one? Will rerailers for other G scale train sets work? 4020 tracks are solid plastic.

Are you looking for a re-railer ramp or the type that is built into the track. I’m not sure there is the type built into the plastic track ? I guess you could use a brass track version and add two plastic to brass adapters

It’s a yellow plastic ramp that fits over the tracks. It’s the only Playmobil one I’ve ever seen

If you're using the plastic track and RC 0-4-0 locos, is there much need for a re-railer?

Apparently there is for me! Lol. I am spatially challenged tho. It’s really hard for me to get all wheels on the tracks together, as well as uncomfortable bending down to try and see what I’m doing.

I’m a childcare provider and kids actually play with these. So derailing is common. The ones that are old enough to have given up naps anyway. They can choose one of my themes and play with them- in one place and within my sight- during the little ones’ nap. So it’s on the floor!


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