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Greek sets for 2022

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Just saw both on ebay...IT BEGINS  :roman:


--- Quote from: StJohn on September 13, 2022, 20:07:05 ---Well-informed sources at Amclicks report that the Xerxes and Leonidas set 70949 as well as the Play & Give Alexander the Great 70950 will be made available in the DS service outside of Greece. Let's hope they are right!

--- End quote ---

That would be great! :)

I have no idea what makes people think these will both be available in other countries...

I do hope they're right - but the play and give never was... Then again, there's a first time for everything?

Maybe the German company is starting to like money …..or realizing the lack of

I think these would be more likely to make it to the international market, since they loosely fit in with the Gods and Goddesses theme, which presumably sells pretty well. The other Play and Give figures were mostly pretty unremarkable.


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