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Greek sets for 2022

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--- Quote from: Hadoque on April 26, 2022, 21:44:39 ---Does no one post pictures on this forum anymore of novelties, just links to other sites (Amclicks & FB) ??

--- End quote ---

Do you recall all the fuss about posting pictures back in the day? All those overly sensitive collectors claiming to own the picture rights bla bla bla

All the infighting , all the collectors putting water marks on pictures which never belonged to them in the first place . Members wanting all the bragging rights to being the ones that posted them and don’t you dare re-share them

It got old

Snd that’s not even mentioning the photo sharing sites that try to capitalize on the situation (photobucket)

Both sets look great, especially the Persian and Spartan one!  I really hope we get at least that one in the US!

Well-informed sources at Amclicks report that the Xerxes and Leonidas set 70949 as well as the Play & Give Alexander the Great 70950 will be made available in the DS service outside of Greece. Let's hope they are right!


If the play and give appears, it will be a first.

I suppose they don't have a time for that? Should I wait? :P


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