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Greek sets for 2022

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--- Quote from: Tiermann on April 12, 2022, 01:13:17 ---An amazing larger set in the main theme, and then a Play and Give of Alexander the Great

--- End quote ---

Upon considered reflection I am going to cavil at this. I would say that the main theme so far has been entirely mythological - even Achilles and Patroclus, though quite likely based ultimately on real people, have no concrete historical reality - whereas both of these sets bring us firmly into recorded history. The big set is of course the Battle of Thermopylae, famous from the movie, and a pretty securely dated event, as is Alexander's life.

Overall a truly wonderful sign, and a big thank you from me to all the Greek people whose sustained demand for such sets has brought us so many wonders. σας ευχαριστώ!  :roman:

Thanks for providing the link, Tiermann! These sets are amazing! :)

It'd be great to continue to see more parts in the bronze colour.

Does no one post pictures on this forum anymore of novelties, just links to other sites (Amclicks & FB) ??

What with these and the upcoming Asterix sets the muscled arms are going to become a lot more common. Maybe they could do a Hercules figure with muscled legs and torso too.


--- Quote from: Hadoque on April 26, 2022, 21:44:39 ---Does no one post pictures on this forum anymore of novelties, just links to other sites (Amclicks & FB) ??

--- End quote ---

You're welcome to post photos here if you care to take the time. I find it more efficient to post links to solid resources like Amclicks than to copy things over. If I have something unique to share I post it. On my own website and blog I don't post anything that hasn't been officially released by Playmobil to their online sites or a print catalog I actually own. Both because until it's official it may change, and because I like to stay on the good side of the company in the hopes of future closer relationship like I've had in the past.


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