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Hello from London!

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Hi All  :wave:

I joined a few months ago but haven't been very active since. Its probably now time to introduce mysefl and say hello.

I'm not a collector really but just a dad. Aged 45, I grew up with Playmobil and now that I have a son its all come back to me! My mother kept all my old sets from the early 80's. Getting those out, cleaning and giving them to my son reminded me how much I had enjoyed playing with Playmobil. I was also impressed that those sets, now all 40 years of age, are still like new. The plastics haven't faded, are still supple and work well; what a quality product.

As a car fan, my "second life" with Playmobil started with the red 911 car from circa 2016 (set 3911). I've since bought quite a few sets for my son, possibly too many! Have to say, I'm slightly addicted now... Is there such as thing as too much Playmobil for a 5 year old?

My interest in Playmofriends comes mostly as an admirer of what people are doing with their sets (some amazing work!) as well as to research and learn about some of my own sets from the 80's. Its also nice to see more about what is coming out and views on Playmobil as a company. Finally, if of interest, I'll try and share some pictorials on our sets, both modern and classic if time allows.

Looking forward to being a participant and active member!

Hello and welcome, Riccardo, from Stroud, Gloucs!

Glad to hear you are enjoying your 80s PM sets again with the help of your son. It would be good to see your old sets if you felt like sharing them on here.

Welcome! I hope you've seen the new Classic Car sets. <*)

Hi Riccardo, welcome from the Netherlands!!
No, there is no such thing as too much playmobil  8}
I’m not a collector either, but just a mom. Ive organized my (our) playmobil in small themed sets and that works wonderful. It also keeps it interesting because we can rotate. Today my son wanted to combine the clowns with the hostpital set. It was a lot of fun.
How wonderful that your mom has saved all your playmobil. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!!!

Hello, Riccardo, and welcome from North Yorkshire.  :wave:


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