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International purchasing from the US???


Hello friends!

My apologies if this is the wrong category for this question, but I'm trying to figure out how I can avoid using eBay or Amazon if there's a more efficient/less expensive way to procure sets that are exclusively available outside the United States? I specifically am looking for the Wiltopia North American Animals Set (71403) and it's currently only available for $39.99 on Amazon, which I'm positive is not the retail going price from Playmobil, but it doesn't appear that Playmobil is planning on having it available for sale here?  :'(

I'm also curious if anyone has ever made a "Playmo Pal" pen-pal style friend on this forum who could purchase some of the setsnot available to them in the US and then ship them in a larger batch overseas to cut down on shipping? I'd just be interested in doing so if that's the case!  :love: My vision is that I would pay cost and shipping through PayPal or something, and then my fellow International Playmo buddy would ship out some of these sets once they obtained my "order".

Please let me know if I'm off my rocker, being way too cheap or entitled! I just have no idea if this is a reasonable request or not, but Playmobil has officially made me less of a rational person in general because I have a serious addiction problem.  ::)

Actually the Amazon price (which includes shipping) is cheaper than the price you'll pay (39,99 euros) from Playmobil in Germany... so I'd buy it from Amazon.

Hello stacigiroux, and welcome to Playmofriends, the BEST place to discuss all matters playmobil on the world wide web.

As to your specific question, Geobra is notoriously bad at organizing their international sales, to the benefit of eBay golddiggers. I suppose for you it would make sense to befriend somebody close to the source, i. e. Germany (or at least the EU), who could send you bargains at postage costs. Thank god you've come to the right place to do so!

Thanks to everyone who responded! I ended up buying from Amazon after all.  :lol:I couldn't resist!


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