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O. Ryner:
I share with you 3D creations with an industrial theme.

Years ago I started developing a strategy game in which the productive element is important. In many cases I have not found Playmobil elements to set up real industries and little by little I have created my own.

I hope you like it.

A workshop saw:

A lathe:

A folder:

Looms, sewing machines...

Industrial mixers:

Warehouse items:

I have a very long list of ideas, right now I am developing machinery from the 19th century, like this alembic or the next creation: a horizontal steam engine.

I hope to be back soon with news.

Those look like excellent designs. How is the game played?

 :o  Wow, these are incredible!

Can't wait to see what the steam engine will look like.


Those are amazing - saw the shelving on THAT site (means facebook :P ) - great to see you here.

Amazing work.  Maybe Playmobil could learn from it.


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