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--- Quote from: playmovictorian on November 04, 2021, 16:36:31 ---Good afternoon dear Friend  :wave:
My hat off to you to compile and share such a wealth of Playmo infos in different languages and locations around the world.
I tried to do just that years ago on PF but it almost became a fulltime job and I had to give it up at some point.
I am in total admiration of the generosity with which you share your time in order to provide us with latest Playmo infos  :wow: :wow: :clap:

--- End quote ---

Thank you. It is pretty much a fulltime job, as it takes a few hours every day to keep up with it. I also have a PM News FB page & YouTube channel. I do it because I have the time - I'm disabled/retired & it keeps me busy! I have to stay occupied & be creative while I'm home alone.

And your work is much appreciated, Jim.  :wave:

How great it would be to travel around visiting all these wonderful exhibitions, browse through the spare parts, admire the gargantuan dioramas, marvel at the patience of people who not only collect 500 versions of the same soldier, but set them all up in ranks to form an army, etc. Plenty to keep one busy.

In the latest crop, I was impressed that one Bruno Lacroix is mounting a one-man show of his own PM collection, yesterday today and tomorrow, though he could have chosen a more interesting klicky for his poster.

And note! One needs a Pass Sanitaire to visit the Caussade Exposition of PM and Lego. Dip your pass in bleach prior to your visit?





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