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Non-Playmobil related topics
« on: March 24, 2012, 15:26:23 »

To All Members of Playmofriends:

It has come to the attention of the mod team that there is a lot of non-playmobil talk these days in the forum. We'd like to remind you that the forum is a playmobil related environment and its purpose is specifically to discuss issues involving playmobil such as: new theme and set releases, reviews of such sets, customs, photostories, playmobil-related projects, etc. We would like to request everyone to keep that in mind when posting topics, pictures, or replies to topics.
We are not saying that all non-playmobil topics and issues, such as other toy lines, short member trips, and funny, entertaining or interesting experiences are strictly forbidden. These are understandable on occasion. But we do request they are not extensive, especially in areas that are only playmobil related. Such topics can be discussed or pictures of them can be shown in the ''Humour, Games and more'' board, and only there. This will help the forum maintain its actual nature, and no shift of our main focus will occur.

We'd also like to stress the fact that Playmofriends is not a blog, where one records real life experiences, everyday or personal activities etc. These do come up occasionally from time to time in general discussions, but they are not the purpose of this forum. So threads of such nature is best to be avoided. Playmofriends is not a social site, like Facebook, where people record their life events. We are here to share our love and interest on playmobil through the previously mentioned posting activities. Social relations, getting to know each other, is achieved by our playmobil activities and encouraged through playmobil related posting and personal messages, but not through extensive posting of real and everyday life situations.

Thank you everyone for your understanding, cooperation and assistance in trying to get things back on track. We want everyone to enjoy talking with others who enjoy their interests, but we also need to keep order and show proper respect to valuable contributions of all of our members.

The Playmofriends Moderating Team