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Hi folks,

I recently was able to purchase the USS Enterprise, thanks to a combination of a discount and a lucky series of gift cards for a Canadian online retailer.

This is a VERY impressive ship!  I will do this post in multiple parts so I can post more photos, and try not to repeat the publicity materials but focus on what I learned actually building it.

It is very well designed (as you would expect from Playmobil). My only complaint is that two small screws are needed to attach the saucer section to the body of the ship, which are very hard to access (you need to use pliers to turn the screwdriver).

You also have to run internal wiring to connect all of the lights.

Many stickers to apply, with great care required. Some of the stickers are lenticular to create the illusion of depth in engineering and on the viewscreen or to have the bridge doors appear to open and close.

Overall time to build (including stickers) is about 3 hours.

More to come…

Here are some more photos showing the wiring and the lenticular stickers.

Here we have the “klicky krew” assembled on the bridge (with Mr. Scott in engineering).

The light and sound is quite good. The lights on the nacelles don’t just flash, but rotate in multiple colours (red, yellow and green) with multiple LEDs.

Three buttons on the command console (which also lights up) can control the light and sound, and a black button in engineering (with still more lighting) turns it off.

Alternatively, you can control individual light and sound with the app.

There is enough room on the bridge to put the cover on without disturbing figures that are standing up.

This view gives a real sense of the size (with yours truly for scale):


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