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70971 Victorian bedroom

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The 70971 is the one set of the new Victorian releases that is worth getting even if you have the old sets and don't want any repeats because PM redid it in a beautiful "wood" brown. The furniture is gorgeous!

It's based off of the 2nd version of the Victorian bedroom, the 5325. The recoloring was a wise decision because the 5325 is the color of chewable children's Tylenol. I would say that it looks like nursery colors, but even child me was slightly horrified. The blankets were also recolored from a magenta to a dark red.

We will be comparing the new set to:

5321 - the original yellow bedroom
5325 - the purple bedroom (of doom)
6222 - the add-on red orange bedroom (the same as 5319; minus the klickies, slippers, rugs, and basket trunk)

The 5325 and the 6222 have footboard prints, which the other two do not. The 6222 print is quite charming.

Here we have the wardrobes and vanities. The 5321 is the only solid-colored wardrobe. The others have contrasting drawers and doors. Sadly a vanity was not made for the red orange sets (6222 and 5319). The 70971 is oddly missing a towel for the towel holder, but the original towels were literally bits of cotton twill tape so it's not a big loss. I intend to cut towels out of something less fray-y when I find what I'm looking for in my stash.

The vanity mirror has changed. In the 5321 and 5325, the mirror has depth. The 70971 is a literally a sticker, which you apply yourself. I did a poor job aligning it, so it doesn't sit properly.  :-\ I may see if I can find a similar craft material to replace it. Also, I don't think you can tell in the photo, but this new mirror is noticeably foggier and less mirror-like. It's shiny, but it doesn't really function as a mirror.

ETA: I was trying to imbed images, but Google is not playing, so I'll post smaller versions below.

The nightstands match the wardrobes and vanities. I don't understand why PM didn't change the color of the chamber pots. The yellow is quite shocking next to the otherwise subdued colors of this set. I've never considered chamber pots a decorative accent.

The 6222 (and corresponding 5319) did not originally have chamber pots. However, I'm so used to that spot in the nightstand being for chamber pots that I went ahead and added a couple anyway.

The klickies in 70971 are the same as the klickies in 5325. It would have been nice to have new klickies since it is not essentially a re-released set. The lady is a slightly darker yellow, and her hairbow is slightly darker as well. She has a bit of smeared mascara, but that's an easy fix.

The 70971 has a beautifully printed rug, on cardstock.  :wall: The design is new.

6222 doesn't have rugs. 5319 has small rectangular rugs. So there are just these three U rugs. My old ones have yellowed.

There are a few oversights in the 70971, but it is a marked improvement over the set it is modeled after simply because of the drastic and judicious color change.

Thanks! This is definitely a set I intend to get. I sort of wish they had made them one solid shade of brown, but 'wooden' furniture is relatively rare so I'll take what I can get

Thank you for the review!

This one is on the buy list too - brown furniture... :love:

It’s so nice to have wooden furniture in a realistic color

Thanks for the great review


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