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Hi! I've been lurking here for years... and also on a number of other forums.  I want to see the images embedded behind the membership veil so here I am!  I joined PCC at the very end so clearly, I am a bit of a procrastinator.  But I got in just in time for Don Quixote at least.

I've been writing about toys on the internet for a long time and write a bit about Playmobil on here and there for the past couple of decades.  I also am a buyer at an online toy store who handles the Playmobil, which is a job that pretty much fits the hobby nicely.  (We got to post some of the licensed sets up which you may have seen.  Are we allowed to buzz market? I'll find out.)

I've been getting the sets since I was a little kid - mostly animals and 1980s circus at the start, now it's a lot of licensed stuff and the general weirdness you only get from Playmobil's dumpster fires, ice dinosaurs, or glow in the dark lobsters.  My current holiest of molies to hunt down at some point is to finally cave and buy some Playmospace, but that may still be a while.

Welcome from Portugal!

(will need to peek at your writings ;) )

As to playmospace... you know, don't leave for tomorrow what you can playmobuy today! :P

Welcome Adam16bit!

I would agree with tahra about getting hold of Playmospace; don't procrastinate, availability is only going to worsen as time goes by!

As to buzz marketing, there is no problem reviewing sets here on Playmofriends (or providing links to reviews elsewhere) and being enthusiastic about such sets, but promoting a specific store is probably not in keeping with the forum's policies. Having said that, we always like to hear about bargains!

Welcome Adam, from the UK!

I'd not come across Playmospace: it sits in the window between my childhood and adult collecting. Apart from those boots - those boots! - the spacesuits reminded me a little of Space 1999.

Looking forward to seeing pics of your collection.


Welcome from the UK.  :wave:


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