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Maisie and Fred's Excellent Adventure

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Martin Milner:

Sitting on a park bench on LHAAP's desk, our retired couple have a brainwave.

Grandma: Fred, here we are in our Autumn years, you may still have a full head of hair, but everything else is dropping. We need to live our dream before Winter catches us up.

Grandpa:  I've got a Panama hat that would look silly on anyone under 70, and my artificial hip is aching again so there's rain in the air. What did you have in mind?

Gran: We need to travel; travel the world and see all those places we talked about back when we were courtin'.

Grandpa: Well Maisie, that was just to get you to sleep with me.

Gran: I knew that, Fred, but let's live a little more. Let's stick a pin in the Atlas and see where it leads us...

Grandpa: OK Maisie, you lead and I'll follow. (to self in a whisper) <probably get ourselves eaten by cannibals or something...>

Here the first close-up of Maisie und Fred, who are just about to go out and see which country they have landed in.

Today Maisie and Fred have been sightseeing in my garden. They also found out that they are in Denmark ;)

Maisie and Fred in front of my house (Garden).

Seen from another perspective.

Maisie and Fred also found time for a walk in the trees. They were especially happy to see that the spring is coming to DK (Note the shoots on the tree).

Enjoying "the view".

After having enjoyed the view they were so confused that they couldn't find the way back.

Martin Milner:

First, an overview of the city of Oxford to get acquainted. The names Worcester, Nuffield, Exeter, Jesus etc. are the various colleges.

The Saxon Tower (c.1040) at the top of Cornhill Street, the area known as Northgate from the time when Oxford was a walled city. Maisie sighs and thinks of Fred in his younger days.

Fred poses briefly in Boswells. More about Boswells in the shopping forum soon.

A very old building used for a very modern purpose.

Looking south down St Aldgate, the tower of Old Tom is visible. There is a popular English Folk tune with the same name. Maisie sighs and thinks of Fred in his younger days.

The front of the town hall. Some impressive stone carving, but could do with a clean.

Old Tom is the clock and belltower that stands over the entrance to Christ Church College. Old Fred is the old codger in the foreground.

The postbox outside the post office - quaint! Fred briefly considers posting himself home, but decides against it.

Bicycles and busses. Oxford discourages the private motorist (thank goodness). Students get around on bicycles, and there are thousands around the city, often not very well secured. Maisie and Fred travelled everywhere by foot.

Malmaison. Once a prison, now a luxury hotel! M&F are staying in a cheaper hotel in George Street, the Victoria House Hotel. Not as classy, but easier on the wedge.

Here's what we came for - music and dancing at the Oxford Folk Festival.

Appalacian Clog dancing is suprisingly popular!

And the music is quite uplifting!

The impressive frontage of Trinity College bathed in the morning sunlight as Maisie and Fred take an early morning constitutional the next day.

The White Horse, a typical old English Pub, first recorded as a pub in 1760, but likely much older. Unfortunately it's closed and a disappointed Fred is dragged away by Maisie.

Hmm, Egyptology. Mummies and pyramids. This gives Fred an idea, but alas the library is closed this early in the day, and covered in scaffolding so not worth a photo today.

Oxford's Bridge of Sighs...aaaah!

"Look Maisie," calls Fred, "The trees are so old they need walking sticks! Makes me feel quite sprightly!"

Fred may be nearer to 89, but when he's with Maisie he feels like he's 16 again.

Fred & Maisie don't think this is the vehicle used for tours.

Just time for a breeze round the French Market before catching the train to their next adventure. Sausage with Hazelnuts, whatever next?

On the train home, and the rain has started. Looks like they got away just in time. I know the railwaqys rolling stock is a little old, but steamtrains? Actually this is the Railway Museum at Didcot Parkway.

Here are Maisie and Fred making a brief visit to North Yorkshire.  The last photo shows them surveying my planned walking holiday next year from Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway along the line of Hadrian's Wall to mark my 65th birthday.  Maisie and Fred will be accompanying me.


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