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What is this 2 storey shop building?

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This building was posted by a fellow member and I have asked them as well if they can let me know what it's made from, but I thought I'd ask in here too as I'm very impatient(!) I am referring to the building on the left with the 2 staircases and 2 green canopies on the second floor and what looks to be 2 additional shops on the lower floor. I absolutely love it!

I believe it's a custom build but I wouldn't even know where to start in putting something like this together & I'm curious if anyone can identify the sets used!
Thanks in advance, also I am new here so hi  :wave:

I think you are right, breadmobil, it is a custom build. The parts used are known as 'System X' and they fit together with those small red and yellow connectors. If you are not familiar with System X buildings, you could get hold of a secondhand one from eBay and play around with assembling it in different ways. Juve-bil will be able to tell you the origin of specific pieces, but to aid your impatience, you could look at (forgive me if you know all this by the way, but you did say you didn't know where to start!).

On the homepage of, under 'Parts' there is a drop-down list next to 'Browse parts in a category of your choice.' On the list, choose 'Building' and you get a page showing about 20 categories of building parts. The top one (General) and some of the ones called 'SystemX' are probably most promising. Clicking on one of those will bring up a list of parts, with pictures. Clicking on any part will take you to its parts page, showing which sets it came in.

To get hold of a specific part, you could search on eBay (for the set it came in, or the specific part), or buy it new from Playmobil. Only parts used in recent sets (up to about 8 years old) are available new (and not always then) and only if you know the 8-digit part number starting 30...... , (which you got from PlaymoDB). Go to, choose your country at the bottom of the home page and then select 'spare parts' for ordering parts.

Post a question on here for more guidance, or help with sourcing particular parts.

Thank you GrahamB!! I do know about steck and system X but this comment is very very helpful, I’ll have a look on that website right away.

I’m good at customising the interiors and exteriors once they’re built but I’m hopeless with creating new things from random parts, however maybe if I had lots to play with I could figure something out! All the base boards seem to be such random shapes I can’t imagine how to amalgamate different sets into one that looks this good!

 I also have a pretty good relationship going with the lady who answers the playmobil helpline (yes every time I call it seems to be the same lady!) who was able to order parts for me that weren’t available on their website too so I could try her as well! I’m actually 80% convinced she is a playmobil figure, she’s so friendly

I really appreciate the detailed and helpful comment   ;D

p.s I love Douglas Adams

Glad to help. The older SystemX sets often had rectangular baseboards, but I agree more recent ones have been largely one-offs.

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