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Updated Farm Theme

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I’d like to see the farm theme get some modern equipment

AGRO trucks with a variety of attachments and trailers

Actual farms with crops such as wheat, tomato or sunflower plantations

Food is an important aspect to everyone’s lives so teaching kids and showing the newest innovation is quite important 

Can confirm, my son would love those!

More crops would be great. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables (and their trees and plants) that'd be nice to have! :)

Perfect timing for an updated Farm theme

Put a hero Farmer in there as well

His superpower could be that he makes healthy inexpensive food….. oh wait that’s a normal power

I still think Geobra should make the updated Farming theme but put more of a hero element into it. Put farmers dressed as superhero’s , freedom fighters and put each tractor painted in the national flag colors for each specific country


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