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Gold Flagpole


I was sorting figures into some new-to-me organizers, and I ended up with a gold flagpole leftover. It's silly, but I'm struggling to figure out who it belongs to (and therefore which box it should go in). It's the same length as Joan of Arc's flagpole, but in gold. It's longer than the one in the Nightwatch set.

It looks a lot like 30 29 3130 , but I don't have either of the sets listed as having it on PlaymoDB: and I don't remember buying it as a separate part. The number molded on it looks like 32 05 710.

I was mostly sorting small figure-centric sets (exclusives, f?gures, duo packs, specials, etc.). Does anyone remember seeing a gold flagpole in a small set?

Is it from Zeus (9149) ?


--- Quote from: tiger1983uk on November 03, 2023, 16:23:39 ---Is it from Zeus (9149) ?

--- End quote ---

Looks likr you are right, although on playmodb the part isn't shown separately in the set but it is shown on the box front and back.

Oh Zeus! I've been checking the wrong sets - knights, 17th century folks, . . . I didn't think to check the Greeks.

Thanks for your help! I wasn't making any headway on my own.


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