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Hello from southeast USA

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Hello I’m from the south east United States. I always loved playmobil as a child; it was my favorite toys. Recently as an adult I started collecting again. I’ve been able to find some very good custom makers of Playmobil. I discovered Playmofriends when I was looking for advice and googling things like best paint for Playmobil. I’m thinking of making my own customs but still looking for ideas and techniques.  I am a very big fan of history in general and I like the history based Playmobil.

Welcome from Portugal!

Looking forward to pics from your collection and customs!

Welcome from Belgium!

--- Quote from: PlaymoHistory on November 13, 2021, 14:09:54 ---Recently as an adult I started collecting again.

--- End quote ---

Well, it seems you started at the right moment since Playmobil will revive its Victorian sets, you might hope some other historical themes might be revived as well!

Welcome from the Netherlands!  :wave:
Looking forward to seeing your customs.

Welcome aboard from southwest USA!


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