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Hello everybody! Since I have not been able to continue with the main photostory for a long long time, I thought that it would be a good idea to expand upon the setting with more stories, lore and maps set in Lost Kingdoms.

What is Lost Kingdoms?

Lost Kingdoms is a spiritual successor to Hype the Time Quest and my attempt at making an actual story setting for Playmobil. It is my strong held belief that a well-crafted story and setting is necessary for Playmobil’s Knights line to thrive and expand, in a similar vein to Lego’s Bionicle or Knight’s Kingdom. I think Geobra is going in the right direction with Novelmore…but I still think it still has got a long way to go.
Am I suggesting what I am creating is perfect for this role? Of course not, but I think care, effort and detail is very important. Kids are not stupid. When I was young, I was able to follow some parts of Bionicle’s story online with serials and shorts and it sparked my interest in that product. Knowledge of everything wasn’t needed, but that fact there was lots to explore was fun This was true for many others, and I think Geobra could, or maybe even should, capitalize on this.

Lost Kingdoms is a High Fantasy setting with magic, knights, wizards, heroes, villains and dragons. The world is divided into many kingdoms with the most famous being the Kingdom of Torras, the setting of the video game Hype the Time Quest. It acts as both a continuation and an expansion of the world of Hype and includes many of its intriguing concepts, such as the Four Jewels: Powerful objects made by the gods that grant power and create balance in the world. These Jewels can be used for good, or for evil, and it is the quest of the heroes of Lost Kingdoms to return them to their rightful place and save the world from its decay.

The Setting

This is part of the world of Lost Kingdoms, portraying the Kingdom of Torras and its surroundings. This map will be updated as more locations are added, but do know that there are many more kingdoms further north and south such as Illandor, Angost, Ithis, Kolamar, and the Frozen Shore, all which will be explored more in the future.

In the ‘present-day’ of Lost Kingdoms (as seen with the photostory), the world is in decay as the Four Jewels have been taken by rival kings and were misused, causing great disasters such as the rise of the undead, plagues and madness. The area of the continent shown in the map is flanked by the feared Land of Dragons. An expansive mountainous land where the skies are ruled by Dragons, the land is populated by Dragon Cults, and underground are evil creatures in conflict with Dwarven colonies. I’ll write up some of the histories/key info on the main kingdoms, such as Torras and Liore, very soon!

I hope you all like this and would love to know what you think and what I should expand on!

Ooooooo! This sounds really cool so far! I'm looking forward to it!

Me too! I agree that a consistent 'background' narrative and carefully constructed settings help bring fiction and fantasy to life. Something the great late Terry Pratchett achieved with his Discworld. I am looking forward to your construction! The map is an impressive start!


--- Quote from: GrahamB on March 20, 2020, 18:32:42 ---Me too! I agree that a consistent 'background' narrative and carefully constructed settings help bring fiction and fantasy to life. Something the great late Terry Pratchett achieved with his Discworld. I am looking forward to your construction! The map is an impressive start!

--- End quote ---

I know right? And paying homage to Hype the Time Quest makes it even better!

Thank you for your encouragement! Hopefully you'll like what I have planned later on! Sorry that I don't have many images in this post and its a bit wordy, but future ones will have more pictures!

The DawnThousands of years ago, before the Age of Man, the One created the universe and stewards to govern it in their absence. The stewards stylized themselves as gods and their chief, Terrus, formed themself into the earth, the new home of the gods and their servants. One of the gods, Barnak, proclaimed that they could overpower the One and take complete control over the universe and shape it to their will. Some followed Barnak's call, while others resisted.

The First War began on the earth between the gods, Barnak leading the forces of darkness, and Drareg leading the light. Their great armies consisted of gods of all powers and giants of all sizes, and their conflict was so great that the earth was broken in two. Barnak and his evil servants were cast from the broken earth while the rest of the gods sought to repair it.

On the smaller piece of earth, the gods built the Lost City and it became the moon, while to stabilise the earth they created Four Jewels of power: the Royal Jewel, the Jewel of Mankind, the Jewel of Virtue and the Jewel of the Gods. These jewels kept the world in order, and their guardianship was given to the first humans. While the earth was being reformed, many gods were mortally wounded in the First War and formed themselves into the other planets of the solar system. Those closer to the light of the sun were former followers of Drareg, while those further away feared the light, and were followers of Barnak.

Humans and giants coexisted on earth, but the giants were not favoured for they fought for both sides of the First War, and they fled into the north. The dragons also lived on earth, formed from the primordial elements, and they ruled the earth in peace in the absence of the gods. The humans were not content with this arrangement, having been promised the rulership of the Earthly Kingdom by the gods, and waged war against the dragons.

The Dragon War saw the theft of the First Dragons Breastplate and the dragons were banished into what is now the Land of Dragons. Forever after the dragons hated mankind. After being united in their war against the dragons, the Earthly Kingdom began to crumble, and the world of man was split apart into many rival kingdoms who waged constant destructive wars with no end in sight.

The greed of man was growing, and soon their eyes would turn to the Four Jewels.


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