Author Topic: IGUANA PART TWO (The Caribbean Adventures of Mr.Dawkins)  (Read 7153 times)

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Re: IGUANA PART TWO (The Caribbean Adventures of Mr.Dawkins)
« Reply #10 on: January 20, 2006, 15:11:01 »
I´m enjoying the story immensely.

Why thank you, Cap'n Davey ... :)

I know that Mr. Tim Dawkins is a pirate with a heart of gold, an orphan most likely.

Ah ... you must know him ... ;)

I know the iguana is bad because it squished the handsome, brave stranger,
(Did you use one `star´iguana and other ones for the stunt work Richard?)

Now, I can't be giving away all my secrets ... Now, can I?

I´m still not sure about the stranger. I think he`s good, but now he´s good and flat!

I see the pirate's grog hasn't affected your keen eyesight there, Cap'n ... :lol:

Enjoy your time on the out islands Richard. :wave:

Thanks, but I'm actually in Fort Lauderdale for a few weeks. But, rest assured, the story will continue upon my return to the islands ... :arrr:

All the best, my friend,
Richard (aka Durty Dick, Scourge o' d'Caribee)