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Novelties first half 2023

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Pictures have been posted at Amclicks. Perhaps it is just me, but these novelties leave me cold.

Figures Series 23 might be the first I'll skip altogether ... I better savour the strong series 22 as long as it lasts.

Thanks for the link. I agree about series 22 being much better than 23.


Thanks for the heads up.

I like the country singer, and the judo class, and the darts player.

I don't really bother with the F?gures, but I agree that it looks pretty weak as a line up

The Egyptian woman from series 23 in slightly different colours to the last time she appeared is the only one out of all 24 characters I'd want. The karate class is interesting and I also like the country singer. The concrete cutter set is also a nice addition to the construction theme. I don't care for Ayuma as a theme but it does have lots of nice parts in it.

New sloth and Amazon pink dolphin, and a new color baby T rex.
Figures are nothing special. That seems to often happen right after a really strong batch. It seems like every other one is strong. Makes me wonder if they have two design teams that alternate and one is really goid and the other isn't?
Dart player is cool.


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