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Playmobil PLUS catalogue 2022

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I thought it was about time to start a topic about the upcoming PLUS assortment!

Our friends of Amclicks posted some new pictures of the new PLUS catalogue. It appears that they are going to revive the Western theme as well, but with different figures!

Click here to see the pictures.

New PLUS sets:
70944: Fort Rocks (5 klickies included)
70945: Large Western farm (2 adult klickies and 1 child klicky included)
70946: Saloon (3 klickies included)
70947: Western store and studio (2 klickies included)
70948: Goldmine (3 klickies included)

1002: Extension walls for Fort Rocks
1003: Sheriff
1021: Large water tower (1 klicky included)
1022: Windmill (1 klicky included)
1023: 3 bandits (3 klickies included)
1024: Indigenous children (2 child klickies included)

As far as I can see the klickies, they all look amazing. I think it's a great idea they added the piano to the Saloon, they must have been inspired by some of the diorama's collectors have made in the past few years.

I think they also did something great with the station! To me it looks like a barber on the ground floor? That would be awesome!

I'm really curious about the looks of that cowgirl in the farm set!

Overall: it's going to be a great Playmobil year for the collectors!!!


Well.. I COULD use another Colorado, right? :P

That is so great

I was not able to get enough Colorado stations or farm houses when they were out a few years ago.

I love the new colors of the Saloon and water tank

Finally someone over at Geobra had a keen eye for aesthetics 


--- Quote from: Rasputin on December 03, 2021, 20:50:24 ---I love the new colors of the Saloon and water tank

Finally someone over at Geobra had a keen eye for aesthetics

--- End quote ---

Absolutely! I also realised the klickies are in the right Western colours in comparison with those of the past few years! I can see a lot of tones brown, grey, ...

Can I say the PLUS catalogue is now the main catalogue?! It has already more to offer than the announced novelties of the regular catalogue... I'm kinda hyped to figure out the other PLUS sets!

I assume the Western sets will come in normal boxes as well, I really hope so!

I guess this time it’s not called “ Colorado Station. “

It’s a “STORE”. Might have to reprint a sign to say “MERCANTILE” or “TRADING POST” , a more westernly description

Wonder what’s inside ?


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