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The revival of the Victorian theme (2022)!

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After our friends of Amclicks posted the news, it seems that Playmobil itself released the pictures online as well!

So I decided to make a separate topic for this amazing revival with all the pictures in high resolution! (click the pictures to enlarge)

70890: Large Victorian mansion

70891: Small Victorian mansion

70892: Children's room

70893: Baby's room

70894: Dining room

70895: Bathroom

70896: Garden with terrace

70897: Living room with fireplace

708970: Kitchen

708971: Bedroom

This is great - I wasn't around for the earlier Victorian sets. I'm looking fwd to getting these.

I'm so excited. I own most of this collection from years ago. But the new adult bedroom set looks great. I'd love to see everyone's custom mansions, as I'm hoping to add on to mine. :)

I am very sorry they went with the same colors - except the bedroom = :love:

The others.. I guess the small house (we don't have) will be TWO fortunes... And the issue there was then is the same now - the house is almost the same. Seems kinda of a waste.

Comparison with the original sets:

70890 - 5300: Large Victorian mansion
They seem to have taken the same picture of the 1995 box, someone at Amclicks pointed out that the flowers are not in position underneath the most right window of the first floor.

70891 - 5305: Small Victorian mansion
This picture also seems to be the one of the 1995 box.

70892 - 5312: Children's room
Both sets look identical to me.

70893 - 5313: Baby's room
The new set has a different baby and grandmother (the printed glasses is the more recent print). The furniture seems to come in a lighter blue, but it could be the lighting of course:

70894 - 5320: Dining room
Seems to be the same picture.

70895 - 5324: Bathroom
Seems to be the same picture as well, does anyone know if the original parts came printed? I wonder if they will come printed again, or will they provide stickers...

70896 - 5326: Garden with terrace
Seems to be the same picture.

70897 - 5315: Living room with fireplace
The fireplace won't have the "animated" fire as in the original, also the glasses of the grandfather seem to be the more recent print.

70970 - 5326: Kitchen
Seems to be the same picture.

70971 - 5325: Bedroom
This set seems to have the biggest change! The new colour of the furniture is amazing! Very useful for the Western sets! Also the new carpets seem to be very nice.


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