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More European cultural heritage in PM: comics and BDs!

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Now that PM has started making sets based on films and tv shows, I’m hoping they could show some interest in European intellectual properties, specifically those belonging to Belgian comics like Tintin, Asterix etc. Such characters are still very much loved by adults and children alike in Francophone countries and beyond, and would make awesome sets. Tintin: how cool would all the characters be, and what about all the vehicles that appear in his adventures? Same goes for Asterix, which could also borrow a lot from the already existing Roman theme. I used to have the Play Asterix toys in the 80s - anyone remember those - and I loved them.

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts. As a European I feel these IPs could be shown more love by European toy companies, and not just because they’re part of our recent cultural heritage, but also because they’re much more clever, entertaining and fun than the likes of Scooby Doo  >:D >:D >:D

I’m aware there might be problems getting the licences (with Tintin especially), but one can dream.

Tintin and Asterix are great ideas. There were actually two Celtic klickies in the Roman theme that were sly allusions to Asterix and Obelix, or so it seemed to me. Why not go full out?

Little Prince would make a good one too, at least as a one off figure. He's been customized a lot.

How about Narnia? Tons of stuff to choose from. They've already done Heidi which I assume sold well over there.

Narnia is a great idea  :love:

I would also love them to issue a Mary Poppins theme  :cloud9:


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How about Narnia? Tons of stuff to choose from. They've already done Heidi which I assume sold well over there.

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Heidi is slightly different because it was based on a cartoon, so I guess the rights were sorted that way.

Narnia would be *amazing* though I have no idea what the situation with the rights would be and if Disney still have the 'option' on them.

Tin-Tin would, similarly, be lovely and I think would really fit the aesthetic of Playmobil. Asterix, I think, would struggle from the scale (since neither Asterix or Obelix are 'standard' human size)

Alice in Wonderland might be a good one - very distinctive and popular images but one that's in the public domain. They've made a couple of 'Red Queen' type characters. I'm not a fan of the 'Animal' Playmobil figures, but I think the mad-hatter's tea party would be a lovely set.

Yes Alice would be great, they could start by doing just a couple of sets to test the market.

They've already done a Sherlock Holmes, they could do some other sets from that.

Jules Verne.

HG Wells


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