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Greetings one and all! I have another idea! :D What if there was a theme for the 18th century? I believe there's a lot that can be gleaned from that era, particularly for Pirates. I feel like the Pirate theme has sunk to monotony because of the lack of threats and interesting places to loot. After all, what's a pirate if there's no laws to break? That's where the good ol' Navy comes in– enhanced and memacing! This time, THEY have the bigger ship along with a state-of-the-art prison and competent soldiers! They're sent by the crown who dwells in a Versailles inspired castle. I already have plans for them!  ;D

These changes are necessary, as there's now a town to protect! The new town series can serve as a spiritual successor to both the Victorian and the Old Medieval houses. Of course their pieces are interchangeable for maximum customization. The town has a few different house designs to serve as either homes or occupational buildings, much like 6220 (shop with an awning). There are several insert options to choose from like: seamstress/tailor, doctor, baker, teacher, blacksmith, etc. The dressmaker would be my favorite, as their's a new system to customizing the full skirts I made. There's also the option of creating a market square with several stands to choose from. Lots of signs and shelves to use! However, civilians aren't the only ones looking at the merchandise! For the pirates have used disguises to infiltrate and rob! They even hid in giant barrels and boxes to sneak around.

The pirates this time around have taken a subtler approach to piracy. Their schooner has hidden places to hide smuggled goods and a brig below their leveled deck to stow prisoners, and a storage as well.

As you can see, I kind of went all out.  :-[
I have some art to illustrate how it all works....

Here are some designs of the new skirts I mentioned. They're inspired by none other than the Rococo period!  ;D A period I chose not only for the fashion, but because it was barely clutching the tail end of the Golden Age of Piracy. So it all ties up rather nicely!

Since the fashion of this era is reknown for its overindulgence and excessiveness, the first thing I knew was needed, was the ridiculous wigs from then. They have removable extensions on the sides and top of the base hair pieces. The powdered face and blush is another trait, but I think it's best for a select few to have them— lest they look all look like a gaggle of clowns. I figured the skirts could be either the normal skirts, or a smoother variant. That way, a rubber overskirt could fit over them and add more customization. You could mix and match! Of course new accessories and all that fun stuff to go on the hair, the body, the dress itself, etc, etc.

I considered a second, slimmer skirt to fit over the form made of rubber, but maybe it could clamp instead? I'm also second-guessing having the legs exposed like that. Should I just let the base model have the molded, skirted legs?  ???

Anywho, the models below are to just show the basic ideas I made. May or may not use all four models of the original full skirts for maximum fun.


I'd go broke if Playmobil had a fully developed 18th century theme. I don't collect pirates (usually), but an 18th century town would be dangerous.

Those are gorgeous (ok, the painted faces DO look like clowns, but I guess that would be accurate! :P )

However, playmobil doesn't seem interested at all in doing a city, unfortunately..

(also, I would prefer regular klickys instead of speedos, but that may be just me :-[ )

Those are great designs, with great accessories and interchangeability! Geobra should definitely consider doing things like those, if not the buildings, market stalls and pirates-hiding-in-barrels. My daughters have had great fun with Polly Pocket over the years, which have a similar basis, with dolls to dress and accessorise!


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