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5538 Series 7 Girls - Nun - help needed

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Hello everyone,

I received today from the postman a 5538 Series 7 Blind Bag Nun (photo attached). The figure wasn't assembled and was missing one arm and the hip part. I have both missing parts in my 'spares' box, but the nun's torso doesn't fit over the hip (second photo attached) and click into place with the arms and head. So, my question is, does the nun Klicky figure have a non-standard hip part or am I doing something wrong when attempting to assemble?

Thanks & Best wishes,

You're probably using a "male" skeleton, use a "female" one.


--- Quote from: Erik on November 05, 2022, 01:34:44 ---You're probably using a "male" skeleton, use a "female" one.

--- End quote ---


You can see both in the first pic here: Klicky Anatomy: Brief rant/overview of body types - link at playkingdoms

Thank you to both of you, I didn't realise that there was a difference (I had never looked closely enough, and I don't have that many female Klicky figures). Off now to source a female hip piece  :)

Best wishes,

Can anyone suggest a specific recent blind bag (series 21/22) female Klicky figure that I could purchase from eBay that would give me the female hip piece that I need?

Thanks & Best wishes,


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