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Luxplaymodays 2014 - detailed photos of 13 dioramas

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It's a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon, so I've taken the time to upload detailed pictures of 13 of the dioramas displayed at the Luxplaymodays event of 2014.

Take a look, they're fabulous  :love: Such original ideas and perfect execution.
I tried to add a photo of the creator(s) and the diorama title before the pictures. I think I missed two though...

A little photo of the seller's stalls in the smaller hall:

This was the first diorama to be seen as you entered the main hall. It's really unique!

This one was a real gem, but I didn't catch the name of the collector who made it. Does anybody know?

The Ostia harbour near Rome, it was breathtaking! Very inventive use of materials to create a Roman town.

Some of the seller's stalls in the background  ;D:

I loved this one. It almost seems as though Brubil actually used all of the Playmobil animals for his Noah's ark  :o

Here's a translation of what the sign says (let me know if I've made any mistakes):

Collector Bruno Peeters, city of Boom in Belgium

"I'm a 57-year-old boy, who hopes to grow into an adult one day. But my doctor says: "Since you're infected with the Playmobil-virus, that will never happen!" He's probably right.
My life changed when I bought my first Playmobil boxes fifteen years ago. I was fascinated by the quality of this toy, and fast became a passionate collector. With Playmobil I can satisfy my need for creative work. Through the Internet I have access to the world of collectors, who share the same passion with me, and who have become a family for me in the meantime.

In 2006 I carried out my first diorama of the Roman world and I displayed it at the collector's exhibition in Wolfsburg. Further exhibitions of my dioramas followed, on different themes, at many fairs for collectors, and also at a Playmobil exhibition in The Netherlands. Another highlight was the co-operation with the author Richard Unglik, who used photos of my Playmobil presentation of a "Trip around the World" for the book "Le Tour de Monde".

My latest big project is Noah's Ark, which you can see here. It's a free interpretation of the world famous narrative, represented form the point of view of a child. You've probably never seen this many Playmobil animals together in one scene. Would you like to count them? Or do you feel inspired to once build a diorama of your dream scene? That would be a great compliment for me. Maybe next time I can admire your diorama at this exhibition!"

This one was my absolute favourite of the day  :)
It reminded me of the Museum of Natural History in New York City. Not only was the building designed and styled to perfection, the different halls all had little scenes and funny stories to discover. The marble floor, the attention to detail (there are restrooms, there's an office, a lab, a storage depot, elevators, a restaurant...), the lighting, the marvellous idea of using all of those animals and historic sets for a museum display...


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