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How much upload space left?



Maybe I've just missed some kind of F.A.Q. that would answer my problem....

But how do you see how much space for uploading you have left? Never more than 10 MB, but is there a bar or something telling me how many MB or % I have used so far?

Thanks in advance  :)

At the moment, it's unlimited! :D

(but, shhh... don't tell MBL!) :P

The thing is, I haven't yet discovered a way to set individual attachment limits within the forum. I can only set an overall limit. That is why you don't have an area in your settings to manage attachments.

I am able to set limits within the Photo Album, though, so perhaps I shall implement them there instead. I shall have to rewrite that part of the FAQ, I guess... ;)

The FAQ's are a work in progress Sylvia...I think you've done a lovely job anticipating just about all that could be anticipated. :)


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