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will pms be automatically deleted after a certain number of days?


I have some that are coming on a week old and wonder if they are in jeopardy. Also, is there a way to download them all? I didn't see a button for this, but perhaps I missed it.

Thanks Sylvia,

Hi Red,
My understanding is that the default is for PMs to be deleted if they are older than 14 days. But, you can change the default by going to your private messages. Then to your left you will see "preferences" and under that "prune messages".  You will then see a box with the default value at 14. Change that number to fit your needs.

I don't know how to download all PMs (or if it's possible) so will leave that for someone else to address.

Hope this helps.


Good questions!

I've checked the settings and I don't see any default in place that will automatically delete all members' messages after a certain time has elapsed. I think this is something that is left to each member to decide whether they wish to enable it or not. :)

You do have a maximum that you can store there at any one time - currently it's 50, including messages both sent and received. If you reach the maximum, you won't be able to receive any more (except from the admin ;D) until they're pruned back.

I was just trying the "Label" thing out to see what it does. It's quite nifty - you can create separate directories within your message area and move selected messages into it. 8-)

And no, I don't believe there is currently an easy way to download messages in bulk using this version of SMF. Maybe it'll come up in a future release. ;)


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