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How do you organise your Playmobil?

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This has probably been discussed and I just can't find it...

Anyway, I'm back home and reunited with my Playmobil, and I suppose I should try and bring some order to the chaos. So I wondered how other people sort their collections.

I have lots of Steck that sorted by part currently (so all the floor plates together), but I'm inclined to try and sort them back into their original buildings and maybe put the parts into labeled zip-lock bags, and then box those up.

But for smaller stuff, I decide if it makes more sense to sort by type (so a box for weapons, for kitchen things etc) or to try and organised them back into the original sets  ??? But if I sorted them into sets, then I would have to put the figures back with the sets, but if I want to play with the figures then they should be separated and sorted by type.

It all seems a bit overwhelming  :lol: 

Mine are all either in ziplock bags and bins (the loose collection), or else in their boxes (my favourite sets eg 3666). Storage-wise my main problem is pirate ships as I have a few of those and they!re not easy to put away due to all the rigging. I will probably end up selling most of them because I have nowhere go display them and nowhere to store them intact.

I will probably also end up selling some of the bigger pieces that can’t be dismantled easily, like the colisseum and the pyramid.

Luckily I only have 2 pirate ships that are assembled ( in fact, the problem of storage is why I have a schooner still in it's box!) I do have the pirate island 3799 which is another bulky one to keep. I'm ok for space for now.

I don't have many boxes, but it makes sense to store sets in their boxes if you've got them. That would probably be the ideal, if you had unlimited space

I think it depends upon what you are going to do with it.  If ‘this’ building is only ever going to be this building, then I’d leave it intact (or, at least, in the same storage container).  And if ‘this’ piece of furniture is only ever going to be used with this particular building, then it may as well be stored with it.

But if you might use this thing with that thing, or maybe this other thing instead – then it is a lot easier to find if you keep all those same sort of things together.

I started organising by moving things into ziplock bags and then the ziplock bags into containers, all under the same theme.  For example, all buckets went into a bucket bag, then the bucket bag went into the Farm container.  When the contents of the ziplock bag became too much for the bag, or too much to locate one particular item, they got divided further.  The smaller the part, the quicker it was divided – and put into those flat containers one might put nails and screws in.

My most precious things – and the most easily breakable – are stored in a cupboard.  I’m fortunate in that I have big cupboards that can house most things.  But only three pirate ships.  I had nine of them.  The rest sat on the floor, covered by a sheet, and became quite annoying.  As much as I loved them, I sold them all in the end.

Klickies: I originally had them all together.  Then I divided into female, male, and children.  Now each of those categories are divided further - skin colour, summer, winter, click-on-dress females – with separate containers for theme klickies (construction, knights, fairies, clowns, whatever), and yet another for older ones (divided into their colours or themes in ziplock bags).

I have some rather vague-sounding containers (‘Outdoors 1’ and ‘Outdoors 2’ for example), and some that still could do with further division one day (‘Fences’ always daunts me – they are divided into ziplock bags by type, but it is a big container, and there are so many of them…), but as long as I know where something is, that is good enough in general.

Oh, and I don’t always put things away properly, and I currently have a pile of things to sort out – organising is an on-going task – but I think if you choose a system, make it ‘good enough for now’, you can make a start, and always fine-tune it later.

I think that seems the most rational way to look at it.

I instinctively want to organise it in a very regimented way, but its completely irrational to sort it by sets if it means having to remember which set has a basket or jug that I want to use. But I do think I'll keep the buildings in their original form, if only to see what I've got. Now I just need the energy to face doing it 8}


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