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Hi gang,

Trying to get some projectiles for these cool medieval fantasy toys. I found the following numbers at the bottom


I looked on by number but nothing came up.

Any ideas?

Hi, you've got the triple ballista from the Lion Knights set 4867. It came with 2 different bolts, but any of the same length can be used.
Here is the Playmodb page for the set
4867 - Lion Knights´ Ballista
Those bolts are very common still and should be available from DS (Direct Service - the Playmobil parts department) or second hand from eBay etc.
Thanks for the question,  we love this sort of thing here. All our obscure expert knowledge waiting for an outlet ☺

I think those are mold numbers, Vexedwaffle. PlaymoDB does have a few mold numbers, but Playmobil parts are usually identified by an 8-digit number (ETN or Ersatzteilnummer in German) beginning with 30 (occasionally 35 or 40). You will find the part numbers at PlaymoDB and you will need them to reorder from Playmobil.

(Part numbers are unique to a part with a specific colour and printing, whereas mold numbers refer to molds used to create a part in any colour and with or without subsequent printing. Frustrating that part numbers aren't on the parts themselves!)

Thanks all. I'll order the replacement parts right away!

Hi Vexedwaffle, pleased to meet you. Thanks to Graham for the explanation. If you can take photos of those mold numbers for me (you might need macro settings, they're very small!) I'll add them to the DB for use of future searchers. is best, or message me here. Thanks!


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