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Short handcuffs

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--- Quote from: GrahamB on February 18, 2021, 10:20:26 ---

I wondered if there was an alternative word for handcuffs, but trying 'binders' on Playmodb only came up with books in which papers, magazines, etc. are bound together.

--- End quote ---

Heather uses "manacles" as an alternative so it may be worth searching elsewhere on that.

Thanks Gordon, Yup, tried 'manacles' and 'leg cuffs' and 'restraints', no luck.

I found this, which is similar, but not the same.

Perhaps small handcuffs from Play Big ?

These are not playmobil. 4218 has the 'shorter' set of playmobil handcuffs , the longer version has been round since the 70s , a classic playmobil part really like the old green beer bottles.

The Playbig ones are long as well, very similar to the classic playmobil. These sort ones much be used by an action figure that has a smaller hand distance , Star Wars, maybe  i dont collect them. Airgam boys dont have them . Lego handcuff are thicker in the middle to allow a lego grip , these are not legos if you ask me....
mystery to be solved....  ;D

Maybe they are handcuffs for children.  P)


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