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2,500?.. I mean, it’s not my place to say and what does my opinion matter, but 2500?.. I’m willing to be humbled if my opinion is out of line, however, I find that price tag to be legitimately insulting. Something must be off. That is 2,500 euros correct? As in about 3000 dollars for me? Who knows maybe there is a large enough class of playmobil collectors who are all millionaires and supply a regular customer base for this fellow. If not, I mean it’s a laughable form of bad business- both in terms of creating income for your product and business ethics as far as I’m concerned. Yikes. A beautiful work of art no doubt, simply far as my currently meager collection goes, I’m definitely trying to build up as much as I can, but the goal for this would be to one day have the potential to customize the playmobil and build with my imagination (just my goal)- I feel like if I had this set you’d have to keep it in tact just because the price tag dictates such! Thanks for the link, it is beautiful to look at, sadly it’s not even a remote consideration for me...


--- Quote from: Macruran on February 17, 2021, 03:42:22 ---Playmoebius does a custom 3D one that is completely unaffordable

They have lots of custom parts too if you want the piecemeal approach

--- End quote ---

Oh yeah...I remember them. Curse my inadequate finances!  :'( Their Notre Dame tribute was nothing short of spectacular!

Those parts are expensive as Tartarus.. I only got a couple (not really used yet), but for most things.. well.. my wallet threatened bloody murder if I even THINK about it..

I mean, a 6 side tower? :love:  But you'd NEED several floors. And there's a bunch of connectors per floor.. do the math. No can do. If the stupid balls cooperate, I'll make a HUGE castle with a gazillion custom parts.

The 3D thread over at KW also leaves me drooling. But I can't. 99% of those would require a bunch of parts, not one. And so.. just bought a couple of the 1% :)

It'd be cheaper to buy your own 3D printer!  :easterhop: :paddy:


--- Quote from: Macruran on February 18, 2021, 01:08:42 ---It'd be cheaper to buy your own 3D printer!  :easterhop: :paddy:

--- End quote ---

Let's say I am not.... gifted. And I have no time to get there, so.. not happening :(


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