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Hi i find it interesting that your invoice shows the Price . on my invoices it has a column for - material & description - ordered quantity - please reorder- shipped quantity - packed quantity- box #.

It was a very time consuming task to confirm what was in the box as i needed to use the data base for every part #  and i had over 8 pages of stuff.

One interesting thing i found was many parts had the most unusual descriptions . Part # 30 23 7350 is called GIRL (BUNNY)  ??? its the GPS . 30 21 6670 is called a WICKER BASKET F. BOTTLE ??? it is a tie down clip. There were more with this type of confusion . it was what i ordered but if you used it for reference it would not add up .

The order went quick and i got it in 2 weeks . free shipping  I do not own a scanner so i will ask around .

the only thing i was disappointed in was that when i placed the order they showed parts as in stock and when it came 13 were in the please reorder column.

That happens a lot here with parts being out of stock when they actual pull the order for shipping. There are always at least a couple of those on mine. Here in the US the best way to order is to phone it in and read off your list. I know in Germany they like to have the set number the part is from also. When ordered by phone it's possible to tell them the set number and what part you want and they can look it up. This is useful for unique parts in sets without instructions.

I've had the same problem with item description and what you get not matching up.  I think it results from changes to item numbers and the description for the item number not being updated or updated wrongly.

Yes, Gordon, I'd love to have them. I OCR'ed Martin's in a couple minutes, so scans aren't a problem if that's how you have them.

--- Quote from: playmofire on October 15, 2007, 15:03:40 ---I've had the same problem with item description and what you get not matching up.  I think it results from changes to item numbers and the description for the item number not being updated or updated wrongly.

--- End quote ---

Hm.  OK, I'll keep that in mind.  So do you tend to get the right part but it's described wrongly, or do you get the right description but the wrong part, or things switched around?  You'd think that when the order-taker types in a part number, the description would pop up, but if "dto." (ditto) appears, then I guess not. Weird.

Martin Milner:

--- Quote from: Sylvia on October 15, 2007, 11:41:35 ---
You say that you had to fax your order to the DS? I haven't ordered for several months, but I've always been able to email my order directly to the correct department:

Up until my most recent order, I always received an answer by email from them within a day or so, giving me the total cost and listing which parts, if any, were unavailable. This really made a difference in the amount of time it took from placing the order to receiving the parts.

Last time, however, I received my invoice from them by post and it took much longer - it was over a week before I was able to phone them with my payment details and complete the order. :(  I don't know why they changed the system because I much preferred it the other way. Perhaps the size of the order being placed has some bearing. Mine was several pages long. :-[

--- End quote ---

I'd rather email them, but I tried (via the playmobil website) twice, and just got a bounceback email, in German, basically saying "we're not listening". My first enquiry via that site did get a response, but it said they didn't sell cowboy gunbelts separately - which they do, because I got them in this order.

I'm not sure if it was the same address, as they don't give an email address on the website. Eventually I rang up and spoke to Caroline, and she suggesting faxing the order over - which at least worked, and I was able to confirm she'd received it and it was being actioned.

I'm still waiting for the postal invoice for my 2nd and 3rd orders...I was quite suprised to receive the order confirmation and invoice by post, as I'd given them my email address, telephone number etc on my order.

Next time I place an order, I'll ring first and see if they have a working email address.


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