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Replacement for Rubberband thingies from Space/Diving suits?

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Does anyone know what to get to replace the rubberband thingies that assemble the space/diving suits?

I mean these: playmodb link

Gives me unavailable, but I think there must be some non-playmo thingie that replaces it fine - it is a small thick rubberband, right?

There are small rubber bands that are made for glasses - to tighten the temples - & for teeth braces. For glasses, they're often found in repair kits, & for braces, in a drug store.

Rubber plumbing washers come in various sizes and might fit, they are also usually the right color.

Thanks - I have no idea what any of those things are...

There are black and blue ones, at least.. but I suppose black would do for both... Or even white.. :)

Everdreamerzīs "Mrs. Nightmare" also comes with that black rubber band, around the bulbous part of her white wig...
I checked with one of the astronauts, and it is the same size.
I guess it should (soon) be availble (again) from DS ?


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