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I can't upload pics

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The problem is that everytime I try to upload, i get a message for smaller size
Now it says maximum 100KB!!!!
I can't create pics that small!
Is there a problem???
Thank you

Host them on another site, imgur's pretty good, you don't even need an account to do it.


This gives some more info.
I agree, 100kB is very small for an image, which is why most of us use links to an image-hosting site. Might I suggest, if you do upload large images, you put a limit to the image size. E.g.:
500 pixels is a good width for most platforms.

Are you trying to upload directly to Playmofriends?


--- Quote from: JLMatterer on September 10, 2019, 16:42:48 ---Are you trying to upload directly to Playmofriends?

--- End quote ---
Yes, direct


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