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Wonderful work! Thank you very much Tiermann and GrahamB, you keep providing extremely useful information. Always great pics, very neat presentation, perfectly organized survey, an indispensable help to over-view ones' collection. :wave:

--- Quote from: Hadoque on January 12, 2019, 00:18:11 ---I had expected the realisation of "Pegmobil" (with every klicky, mostly pirates but not all, with ... a pegleg.)  ;D

--- End quote ---

 :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

I claim no crdit here- this is all Tiermann's work!

A great set of pictures, Tiernann. Its hard to decide what to leave out and what to leave in, but there has certainly been a good range of robots since Robby! I wish I could find that orange one, I expect its very rare!

Great stuff !!!!  :wave:

Nice! I don't know how you have energy to do everything you do!

As this is a couple of years old I am replying to bump it up. There has been a little discussion of the beloved space theme lately and thought some of the newer members might find my site useful for this.


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