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A little project I started with help from GrahamB, here is a link to a subsite of Animobil for Robots.
As always there are decisions to be made about what to include and what to leave out. I may add additional ones in the future, but it at least hits the main ones so far. Small and not as well linked as my other sites, but it's intended as a small side project and not something I have a ton of time to work on.
Let me know your thoughts.


Thank you so much!! As all your sites, very useful!!!
Please, do not forget the space ranger and the robotic exoskeletons: 4741 5152 6693 9251

That is awesome Tiermann!

Thanks for the work ;)

I definitely considered the space ranger because of the head, but decided he isn't a robot but a person or alien so left him out.
Likewise I have the three exo-suits but don't know if they qualify as a robot by themselves since they are made to be used with a figure inside them like a space ship. There are also the two larger sizes of drone from the Dr Drone sub-theme of Top Agents. I left them off since they aren't autonomous.

Nice job, Tim. I just wouldn´t have time and appetite to start such a(nother) data-catergory  :-[
To be honoust,  I had expected the realisation of "Pegmobil" (with every klicky, mostly pirates but not all, with ... a pegleg.)  ;D


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