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Expo Playmobil Chalkidina 2017 (Thessaloniki Greece)!!

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Hello everyone!

With pleasure I would like to inform you about the Expo with Playmobil that I organize in the place I live, with the help of the local Educational and Cultural Association!
This is the first Expo in Greece and 17 collectors will take a part, with 18 amazing dioramas on April 1-2/2017!!

Friendly George.

Knowing how wonderful the collectors are in Greece, I think it will be a fantastic show. I hope you will be able to share pictures of it with us eventually!

It must be awesome! Like Tiermann said - I'll be looking forward to pics!

Thanks for your comments tahra and Tim.

It is sure you will see pictures of the dioramas! Except me two more members of playmofriends will take a part to the expo.
PCV106 (Vasiliki) and grangel (Angelo) with 2 amazing dioramas 3x2m!! ;)

George. :)

Hello everybody!
I'm really very much enthusiastic for this exhibition!  :lol
As already George said its the 1st one in Greece!
Thank you George for the organization and for giving us this chance!
You are awesome!!!  :heart  :kissyou
Here is my first photo of my story-diorama!
The famous storytale: "The count of Monte Christo"

We will certainly share some photos with you dear friends!
Friendly, Pcv106 (Vasiliki)


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