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A set I had to have, I was very curious about the muscles

We’ll it was a bit of a pain to put the ring together . I was really hoping it would be easier to make a full sized proper boxing ring

The muscle mystery solved

I guess I’ll have to get 4 sets to make a proper ring. I need to figure out how to attach the ropes end to end ?

Plus I need to figure out a way to make different looking boxers

Things are a changin' for sure.
There's a newer set with that chest piece for greek armour. I think the figure would be better without the angry eyebrows but an easy fix. If they bring this piece out in the other skin colours it would be excellent for vikings, barbarians, wrestlers etc and of course blacksmiths (no pun intended). They've already got some Mexican style wrestlers so the ring is a welcome addition or did it already exist?
The ribbon is weak, in that colour it looks more like a towel for wiping up sweat.

Yes, i not only do not like the towel looking ribbon but the round thingy (I’m sure it has an official name and someone will eviscerate me for not knowing) also looks out of place

In my opinion it could have been a championship belt

Great to know they used the “insta-muscles” or is it “shot of roids” feature in other sets

Great idea on the Hispanic Wrestling guy.


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