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How do you remove stress marks?

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Or may be the question is "Can you remove stress marks?"

I had to disassemble a custom late on in building it and after I got everything back together noticed a stress mark in the grey plastic chassis.  I could recustom the chassis I suppose, but that was quite a job in itself.  So anyone any ideas on removing stress marks?

I've tried polishing and gently sanding and think it made an improvement, but I'm not sure.

I'm wondering about heating the plastic gently with a hair dryer.

Any thoughts, folks? :eh?:

Little Jo:
Hm, to be honest, I actually do not understand what went wrong  ??? (maybe my English is too bad  :() ...

I think Gordon means those white marks or lines you get if a piece of inflexible Playmo is bent too far.
I'm sorry, but I don't have any clues on how to remove these either. :(

Little Jo:
Ah, ok. Thanky, Sylvia, for the explaination. (Yes, I can remember, I have such faults too) -- Hm, I'm not sure if these can be removed at all, because I got the impression that these stress marks are physical deformations within the material ("over-bending").  So, I think there would be no other solution than covering them.

Hello  Gordon

I don't think there is a solution to this problem either unfortunately. It all depends on how much the plastic was stressed because stress marks can penetrate deep into the plastic. An option you allready tried is sanding but as you found that would probably only remove a small amount off the surface. In the end if it effects the custom and you really want to do something about it the only solution would be to repaint the whole chassis.

Kindest regards  Tim


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