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Klicky Painting for Dummies ~ (Experts Please Help Us Wannabes)

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I know most of this has been explained before in various places but I'm really seriously wanting to do some nice painting and my previous attempts have be mediocre at best. I find I have a few recurring questions and hope you experienced customizers can help:

(1) how do you hold (or what do you use to hold) the klicky when painting it. The two times I've tried I find my fingers just get in the way.

(2) what is meant by color resist?

(3) what do you think of top coats? Sealers? I hear they are a must if one is using acrylics but what works best? 

(4) do you use a primer coat? If so, again, what has worked best for you?
(5) what size & type of brushes do you use?

and (6) what type of paint do you prefer?

Many thanks for any and all assistance.

If you can get hold of one, the official Playmobil klicky holder is the thing. 

Wow! Where on earth might I find one of those???  :o

I got it in an eBay lot.  It's only quite recently that I found out what it was.  For extra steadiness, you can fix the handle in a vice.

Do you think Direct Service might carry such a part???


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