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Theme Suggestion: Cannonball Run


I'm closing in on 50 and, I find myself looking back a lot more than I used to! Lots of those things I remember are the fun movies I grew up on and one of my favorite guilty pleasures is... The Cannonball Run! Think about it! Fun characters and supercool vehicles combined for a wacky race theme! PLUS, with rumors of a remake as recent as 2018, why not?! Here's my dream line-up!

Set #1: Dodge Ambulance w/ JJ, Victor, Beauty and The Doctor!
Set #2: Aston Martin DB5 w/ Sidney Goldfarb (Roger Moore) & various females
Set #3: Ferrari 308 GTS w/ Jamie Blake & Morris Fenderbaum (dressed as priests)
Set #4: Subaru Leone w/ Jackie Chan and his engineer friend
Set #5: Rolls Royce Silver Shadow w/ The Sheik and his entourage
Set #6: Chevy Chevelle Laguna aka the "Hawaiian Tropic" w/ Terry Bradshaw & Mel Tillis as Good Ole Boys
Set #7: The Lamborghini Countach w/ Adrienne Barbeau & Tara Buchman (in bodysuits)
Set #8: Motorcycle w/ Bert Convy & Warren Berlinger (dressed as newlyweds)
Set #9: Tow Truck w/ Rick Aviles & Alfie Wise "Be a GRIZZLY!"
Set #10: Motorcycle Gang Fight Advent Calendar - with shack, motorcycles and many figures. The only way to get the... "DUN DUN DUNNN!" Captain Chaos figure!
Set #11: Police Car w/ State Troopers

   Yes, it's dated but this is a series I would collect in full and proudly display! What do you think?

I think the Ferrari and the Lamborghini would be my favorites. As for characters - has to be Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Jamie Farr, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin 8-)


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