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PLAYMOBIL x Van Gogh Museum

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There are 2 new Van Gogh figures, available world-wide from the Van Gogh Museum. I ordered 2 of each, a little pricey but easier than looking for a co-op purchase.

PLAYMOBIL x Van Gogh Museum

Thanks Kim, saw them pop up on Instagram yesterday and wondered about it. They look nice. One of the hats looks new?

Thanks for the info and the link

Thanks for the heads up. These are lovely. A bunch of furniture in new colours too.

I might as well save on the postage and just go to Amsterdam though  :lol: (Covid permitting)

Beautiful sets, I like the one with the furniture the most! I'll be in the Netherlands in November, might pay a visit to Amsterdam as well, I still need the Van Gogh from the Rijksmuseum as well!


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