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Bright colours galore!



WOW !!!

Playmobil anime!

Great new Japanese theme.

With respect, and specialist please correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems inspired not so much by anime as by Tokyo fashion, the elaborate and highly varied costumes of Tokyo youth, which are influenced by anime but which also in turn influence anime. For examples, image search "harajuku", or peruse this lengthy wikipedia article about Japanese street fashion

Although all your themes are inspired and brilliant, specialist, this particular one I find genuinely outstanding for its total novelty. I have never heard of any Western toy or media property that focused on Japanese street fashion - it's a totally unmined area. And in keeping with Playmobil's strength as a culture-depicting-brand, I think that an official PM Harajuku theme would be wildly popular. Indeed, I wonder if such a concept was not part of the early thinking behind Everdreamerz. Had they only gone with the concrete and actual, that line might have succeeded.

Specialist...wouldn't it be simpler if you actually worked for Playmobil 8-) :love:  Honestly, they should be employing you - the stuff you come up with.


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