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New YouTube Series - Dino Rise


Dino Rise - The Legend of Dino Rock debuts May 2, on most of the PM YouTube channels. The first episode is Danger to the Relic Ranch.

Ian and his friends visit Milow at Uncle Rob's junkyard after he asks them for help.
They learn that the Comet Corporation is about to destroy the fabled Dino Rock in search of valuable resources. In doing so, they also put the junkyard in danger. Ian and his friends want to prevent this! In their joint search for a solution, Ian encounters a T-Rex.

Starting...  Thanks for the heads up JLMatterer - you beat the newsletters :)

Ours redirects to the spanish version. Whatever. Not that I'd watch the pt either, but it's insulting regardless :P

A real shame about the klickys - they even look bad in cartoon form. Like the actual klickys, the female looks deformed. :(

The opponents do have potential. So does the uncle.

Full-Length version in English.

Tried to watch it, just couldn't get past the first third or so. Generally I love the animated stuff, huge fan of Future Planet, loved Novelmore. This one just doesn't  work for me and I am clearly a big dino fan. May jtry again in a while and see if I can get through it.


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