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Deep pockets but no plan: the Horst Brandstätter Holding in 2021

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--- Quote from: Redmao on February 21, 2021, 15:20:23 ---They still make home runs, like the recent Space Station that got the toy of the year award. Not surprising as it looks like a modern version of the classic Playmospace station.

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That's a theme they could really own: Science/Space. The Mars sets were great and classic. Compare the recent Polar sets though: giant laser cannons  >:( Why not do a proper Exploration theme? Laboratories for different sciences? There's endless possibility. Could tie into historical themes as well - famous explorers from history.


Sadly, the Gnomes of Zirndorf don't seem to be listening, Macky!

I just found some Rex Dasher with parachute sets (70070) for only 4.90$ cdn which is about 3€.
The upside of the movie not being the expected success is nice pieces for cheap.

The Polar Expedition set had great potential. They could be linked with the recent Explorers or Treasure Hunters themes, but yeah, more scientific equipment instead of laser canons would have been nice.

It keeps festering. At the time that the story in manager magazin broke, Geobra was taking action against negative employee reviews posted at the popular German site kununu. On May 3rd, JLMatterer linked in this forum to a report (in that this pursuit has only strengthened the company's negative image as an employer. Typical.

My daughter (six) has been done with PM for a few years already - I do buy her the occasional set, but playability seems extremely poor. What she likes - like most girls her age - is Lego. Lego friends has been a winner with girls for years now, it’s such a massive brand. My daughter plays with her Lego Friends sets, she plays the Lego Friends games on the IPad and watches the cartoon on Netflix. In general the quality - of the games, and the tv show - are quite good, and better than the PM games and cartoons she’s consumed (I sometimes watch them with her).

Never ceases to amaze me how Lego is so in touch with the zeitgeist. They’ve recently released a kind of ‘braceletes’ lines, a bracelet you decorate with nice little lego bits, and then you wear, and which, again, is a massive hit with my daughter and her friends.

Not sure what PM could do, or have done, differently to be honest. More modularity to their doll houses could have been a start, and better quality media-wise. A good cartoon goes a long way with kids, but what there was was always very pedestrian and silly.

Oh well.


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