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Canīt upload pictures anymore

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In the news thread, I was talking about a Dutch 17th-century admiral "Michiel de Ruyter".
I made a custom of him last night, and wanted to upload 2 pics from my computer, a close-up of the klicky and a picture of the klicky abord a ship.
I resized both pictures to less then 100 kB as thatīs the max. size for attachments on for this forum.
But whenever I try to upload them as attachements (like I always do), I get a message it takes too long to upload or the files are too big and I have to contact the forum-adminstirator ?!

The spy agencies are probably hacking you.  >:D

I checked the attachment settings and there doesn’t seem to be a reason for that problem to occur.

Has it happened to anyone else?


--- Quote from: Macruran on February 04, 2019, 07:22:48 ---The spy agencies are probably hacking you.  >:D

--- End quote ---

Iīm already used to that.

I tried again several times today, and now I always get the "internal server error" message we so often got last year... :(


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