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Pink names?

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Ok, I always wondered  ??? , but never got to ask.. but now I see MY name in pink, so... what's with that?

I see your name (above your avatar) in a dark-orange colour. Only your female gender-sign is in pink (while my male gender-sign is in blue) ...  ???

I mean in the "who's online list" on the main page...


--- Quote from: tahra on January 14, 2019, 21:28:14 ---I mean in the "who's online list" on the main page...

--- End quote ---

Ah... oops.
Just had a look there, overthere mine is in blue, yours looks more like red then pink to me...
I think it used to be black for everyone?

I was blue before, I think there was a different blue for PCC members (still can't believe it :'( )

Sylvia is red.. I think. And mods are green (?) - but I never figured out the pink.  ???


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